A united TEAM in continue of the “Corporate Mission

COVEN was founded in 1993.

Today we can proudly claim to occupy a prominent position in the mechanical carpentry sector.
Our Company Mission has always been: “To achieve the highest possible QUALITY”, to offer our customers, exceeding their expectations of the delivered product, for this we have always invested in advanced technology and human resources.
COVEN’s production and legal headquarters have been located in the industrial area of Casorezzo since 1993.

We operate with vanguard Computer Systems, our productions include mechanical machining through the most innovative CNC machines, laser cutting, bending machines, turning centers and machine tools such as milling machines, welding machines, machinery for special machining.
We produce complex products with special construction and manufacturing requirements on a daily basis.

Over the years, the plant has evolved in size and productivity; we currently occupy a covered area of 3,000 square meters.
In the Company we employ professionally qualified personnel who are continually upgraded in computer skills and industrial mechanics, thus becoming key figures in the operation and maintenance of high-tech systems.